[Column | Senegal of life] that of the Muslim Ramadan, how much ...

[Column | Senegal of life] that of the Muslim Ramadan how much ... In the world, sad incident occurred in quick succession in this month of Ramadan. For the souls of those other that has been sacrificed in the incident, sincerely pray. The day before ending of Ramadan, in the person of a certain Senegal is me, not a terrorist [Muslim. ]said. When I said these words, know instinctively [. ]said. From people who are doing the day-to-day indifferently faith, it is that such words come out, I think painful thing. When I was writing this article, it did not happened yet incident. After the incident happened, at the stage of finishing the article, that the incident was the zero crossing to the head. And I worry a little. For people of the Muslim, it is a part of the season that Ramadan comes around, to be a part of life, instead I do not think. However, tragic incident that had happened, people could deliberately be attempted at this time.

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